Redact to Redintegrate

(Re*dact") v. t. [L. redactus, p. p. of redigere; pref. red-, re- , again, back + agere to put in motion, to drive.] To reduce to form, as literary matter; to digest and put in shape (matter for publication); to edit.

(||Ré`dac`teur") n. [F.] See Redactor.

(Re*dac"tion) n. [F. rédaction.] The act of redacting; work produced by redacting; a digest.

(Re*dac"tor) n. One who redacts; one who prepares matter for publication; an editor. Carlyle.

(Re*dan") n. [F., for OF. redent a double notching or jagging, as in the teeth of a saw, fr. L. pref. re- re- + dens, dentis, a tooth. Cf. Redented.] [Written sometimes redent and redens.]

1. (Fort.) A work having two parapets whose faces unite so as to form a salient angle toward the enemy.

2. A step or vertical offset in a wall on uneven ground, to keep the parts level.

(Red*ar"gue) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Redargued (-g?d); p. pr. & vb. n. Redarguing.] [L. redarguere; pref. red-, re- re- + arguere to accuse, charge with: cf. F. rédarguer.] To disprove; to refute; toconfute; to reprove; to convict. [Archaic]

How shall I . . . suffer that God should redargue me at doomsday, and the angels reproach my lukewarmness?
Jer. Taylor.

Now this objection to the immediate cognition of external objects has, as far as I know, been redargued in three different ways.
Sir W. Hamilton.

(Red`ar*gu"tion) n. [L. redargutio.] The act of redarguing; refutation. [Obs. or R.] Bacon.

(Red`ar*gu"to*ry) a. Pertaining to, or containing, redargution; refutatory. [R.]

(Red"back`) n. (Zoöl.) The dunlin. [U. S.]

(Red"bel`ly) n. (Zoöl.) The char.

(Red"bird`) n. (Zoöl.) (a) The cardinal bird. (b) The summer redbird (Piranga rubra). (c) The scarlet tanager. See Tanager.

(Red"breast`) n.

1. (Zoöl.) (a) The European robin. (b) The American robin. See Robin. (c) The knot, or red-breasted snipe; — called also robin breast, and robin snipe. See Knot.

2. (Zoöl.) The long-eared pondfish. See Pondfish.

(Red"bud`) n. (Bot.) A small ornamental leguminous tree of the American species of the genus Cercis. See Judas tree, under Judas.

(Red"cap`), n.

1. (Zoöl) The European goldfinch.

2. A specter having long teeth, popularly supposed to haunt old castles in Scotland. [Scot.] Jamieson.

(Red"coat`) n. One who wears a red coat; specifically, a red-coated British soldier.

(Red"de) obs. imp. of Read, or Rede. Chaucer.

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