Razor stone. Same as Novaculite.Razor strap, or Razor strop, a strap or strop used in sharpening razors.

(Ra"zor*a*ble) a. Ready for the razor; fit to be shaved. [R.] Shak.

(Ra"zor*back`) n. (Zoöl.) The rorqual.

(Ra"zor-backed`) a. (Zoöl.) Having a sharp, lean, or thin back; as, a razor-backed hog, perch, etc.

(Ra"zor*bill`) n. (Zoöl.) (a) A species of auk (Alca torda) common in the Arctic seas. See Auk, and Illust. in Appendix. (b) See Cutwater, 3.

(Ra"zure) n. [See Rasure.]

1. The act of erasing or effacing, or the state of being effaced; obliteration. See Rasure. Shak.

2. An erasure; a change made by erasing.

(||Raz"zi*a) n. [F., fr. Ar. ghazia (pron. razia in Algeria).] A plundering and destructive incursion; a foray; a raid.

(Re-) [L. re-, older form (retained before vowels) red-: cf. F. re-, ré-.] A prefix signifying back, against, again, anew; as, recline, to lean back; recall, to call back; recede; remove; reclaim, to call out against; repugn, to fight against; recognition, a knowing again; rejoin, to join again; reiterate; reassure. Combinations containing the prefix re- are readily formed, and are for the most part of obvious signification.

(Re) [It.] (Mus.) A syllable applied in solmization to the second tone of the diatonic scale of C; in the American system, to the second tone of any diatonic scale.

(Re`ab*sorb") v. t. To absorb again; to draw in, or imbibe, again what has been effused, extravasated, or thrown off; to swallow up again; as, to reabsorb chyle, lymph, etc.; — used esp. of fluids.

(Re`ab*sorp"tion) n. The act or process of reabsorbing.

(Re`ac*cess") (re`ak*ses" or re*ak"ses), n. A second access or approach; a return. Hakewill.

(Re`ac*cuse") v. t. To accuse again.

(Reach) v. i. To retch. Cheyne.

(Reach), n. An effort to vomit. [R.]

(Reach), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Raught, the old preterit, is obsolete); p. pr. & vb. n. Reaching.] [OE. rechen, AS. r&aemacrcan, r&aemacrcean, to extend, stretch out; akin to D. reiken, G. reichen, and possibly to AS. rice powerful, rich, E. rich. &radic115.]

1. To extend; to stretch; to thrust out; to put forth, as a limb, a member, something held, or the like.

Her tresses yellow, and long straughten,
Unto her heeles down they raughten.
Rom. of R.

Reach hither thy hand and thrust it into my side.
John xx. 27.

Fruit trees, over woody, reached too far
Their pampered boughs.

in shape. Called also razor clam, razor fish, knife handle.

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