(Du`o*de*cen"ni*al) a. [L. duodecennis; duodecim twelve + annus year.] Consisting of twelve years. [R.] Ash.

(Du`o*dec"i*mal) a. [L. duodecim twelve. See Dozen.] Proceeding in computation by twelves; expressed in the scale of twelves.Du`o*dec"i*mal*ly, adv.

(Du`o*dec"i*mal), n.

1. A twelfth part; as, the duodecimals of an inch.

2. pl. (Arch.) A system of numbers, whose denominations rise in a scale of twelves, as of feet and inches. The system is used chiefly by artificers in computing the superficial and solid contents of their work.

(Du`o*dec"im*fid) a. [L. duodecim twelve + findere to cleave.] Divided into twelve parts.

(Du`o*dec"i*mo) a. [L. in duodecimo in twelfth, fr. duodecimus twelfth, fr. duodecim twelve. See Dozen.] Having twelve leaves to a sheet; as, a duodecimo from, book, leaf, size, etc.

(Du*o*dec"i*mo), n.; pl. Duodecimos A book consisting of sheets each of which is folded into twelve leaves; hence, indicating, more or less definitely, a size of a book; — usually written 12mo or 12°.

(Du`o*dec"u*ple) a. [L. duo two + decuple.] Consisting of twelves. Arbuthnot.

(Du`o*de"nal) a. [Cf. F. duodénal.] Of or pertaining to the duodenum; as, duodenal digestion.

(Du`o*den"a*ry) a. [L. duodenarius, fr. duodeni twelve each: cf. F. duodénaire.] Containing twelve; twelvefold; increasing by twelves; duodecimal.

(||Du`o*de"num) n. [NL., fr. duodeni twelve each: cf. F. duodenum. So called because its length is about twelve fingers' breadth.] (Anat.) The part of the small intestines between the stomach and the jejunum. See Illust. of Digestive apparatus, under Digestive.

(Du`o*lit"er*al) a. [L. duo two + E. literal.] Consisting of two letters only; biliteral. Stuart.

(||Duo"mo) n. [It. See Done.] A cathedral. See Dome, 2.

Of tower or duomo, sunny sweet.

(Dup) v. t. [Contr. fr. do up, that is, to lift up the latch. Cf. Don, Doff.] To open; as, to dup the door. [Obs.] Shak.

(Dup"a*ble) a. Capable of being duped.

(Dupe) n. [F., prob. from Prov. F. dupe, dube; of unknown origin; equiv. to F. huppe hoopoe, a foolish bird, easily caught. Cf. Armor. houpérik hoopoe, a man easily deceived. Cf. also Gull, Booby.] One who has been deceived or who is easily deceived; a gull; as, the dupe of a schemer.

(Dupe), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Duped (dupt); p. pr. & vb. n. Duping.] [Cf. F. duper, fr. dupe. See Dupe, n.] To deceive; to trick; to mislead by imposing on one's credulity; to gull; as, dupe one by flattery.

Ne'er have I duped him with base counterfeits.

(Dup"er) n. One who dupes another.

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