A baker's dozen, thirteen; — called also a long dozen.

(Doz"enth) a. Twelfth. [R.]

(Doz"er) n. One who dozes or drowses.

(Doz"i*ness) n. The state of being dozy; drowsiness; inclination to sleep.

(Doz"y) a. Drowsy; inclined to doze; sleepy; sluggish; as, a dozy head. Dryden.

(Doz"zled) a. [&radic71.] Stupid; heavy. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

(Drab) n. [AS. drabbe dregs, lees; akin to D. drab, drabbe, dregs, G. treber; for sense 1, cf. also Gael. drabag a slattern, drabach slovenly. Cf. Draff.]

1. A low, sluttish woman. King.

2. A lewd wench; a strumpet. Shak.

3. A wooden box, used in salt works for holding the salt when taken out of the boiling pans.

(Drab), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Drabbed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Drabbing.] To associate with strumpets; to wench. Beau. & Fl.

(Drab), n. [F. drap cloth: LL. drappus, trapus, perh. orig., a firm, solid stuff, cf. F. draper to drape, also to full cloth; prob. of German origin; cf. Icel. drepa to beat, strike, AS. drepan, G. treffen; perh. akin to E. drub. Cf. Drape, Trappings.]

1. A kind of thick woolen cloth of a dun, or dull brownish yellow, or dull gray, color; — called also drabcloth.

2. A dull brownish yellow or dull gray color.

(Drab), a. Of a color between gray and brown.n. A drab color.

(Drab"ber) n. One who associates with drabs; a wencher. Massinger.

(Drab"bet) n. A coarse linen fabric, or duck.

(Drab"bish), a. Somewhat drab in color.

2. To make dull; to stupefy. [Obs.]

I was an hour . . . in casting up about twenty sums, being dozed with much work.

They left for a long time dozed and benumbed.

(Doze), n. A light sleep; a drowse. Tennyson.

(Doz"en) n.; pl. Dozen Dozens [OE. doseine, dosein, OF. doseine, F. douzaine, fr. douze twelve, fr. L. duodecim; duo two + decem ten. See Two, Ten, and cf. Duodecimal.]

1. A collection of twelve objects; a tale or set of twelve; with or without of before the substantive which follows. "Some six or seven dozen of Scots." "A dozen of shirts to your back." "A dozen sons." "Half a dozen friends." Shak.

2. An indefinite small number. Milton.

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