Gulf Stream(Geog.), the warm ocean current of the North Atlantic. It originates in the westward equatorial current, due to the trade winds, is deflected northward by Cape St. Roque through the Gulf of Mexico, and flows parallel to the coast of North America, turning eastward off the island of Nantucket. Its average rate of flow is said to be about two miles an hour. The similar Japan current, or Kuro-Siwo, is sometimes called the Gulf Stream of the Pacific. — Gulf weed(Bot.), a branching seaweed (Sargassum bacciferum, or sea grape), having numerous berrylike air vessels, — found in the Gulf Stream, in the Sargasso Sea, and elsewhere.

(Gulf"y) a. Full of whirlpools or gulfs. Chapman.

(Gul"gul) n. [Hind. galgal.] A cement made in India from sea shells, pulverized and mixed with oil, and spread over a ship's bottom, to prevent the boring of worms.

(Gu"list) n. [L. gulo.] A glutton. [Obs.]

Guld to Guna

(Guld) n. A flower. See Gold. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Gul"den) n. See Guilder.

(Gule) v. t. To give the color of gules to.

(Gule) n. The throat; the gullet. [Obs.]

Throats so wide and gules so gluttonous.

(Gules) n. [OE. goules, F. gueules, the same word as gueule throat, OF. gole, goule, L. gula. So named from the red color of the throat. See Gullet, and cf. Gula.] (Her.) The tincture red, indicated in seals and engraved figures of escutcheons by parallel vertical lines. Hence, used poetically for a red color or that which is red.

His sev'n-fold targe a field of gules did stain
In which two swords he bore; his word,
"Divide and reign."
P. Fletcher.

Follow thy drum;
With man's blood paint the ground; gules, gules.

Let's march to rest and set in gules, like suns.
Beau. & Fl.

(Gulf) n. [F. golfe, It. golfo, fr. Gr. bosom, bay, gulf, LGr. .]

1. A hollow place in the earth; an abyss; a deep chasm or basin,

He then surveyed
Hell and the gulf between.

Between us and you there is a great gulf fixed.
Luke xvi. 26.

2. That which swallows; the gullet. [Obs.] Shak.

3. That which swallows irretrievably; a whirlpool; a sucking eddy. Shak.

A gulf of ruin, swallowing gold.

4. (Geog.) A portion of an ocean or sea extending into the land; a partially land-locked sea; as, the Gulf of Mexico.

5. (Mining) A large deposit of ore in a lode.

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