Digestive apparatus, the organs of food digestion, esp. the alimentary canal and glands connected with it.Digestive salt, the chloride of potassium.

(Di*gest"ive), n.

1. That which aids digestion, as a food or medicine. Chaucer.

That digestive [a cigar] had become to me as necessary as the meal itself.
Blackw. Mag.

2. (Med.) (a) A substance which, when applied to a wound or ulcer, promotes suppuration. Dunglison. (b) A tonic. [R.]

(Di*gest"or) n. See Digester.

(Di*ges"ture) n. Digestion. [Obs.] Harvey.

(Dig"ga*ble) a. Capable of being dug.

(Dig"ger) n. One who, or that which, digs.

Digger wasp(Zoöl.), any one of the fossorial Hymenoptera.

(Dig"gers) n. pl.; sing. Digger. (Ethnol.) A degraded tribe of California Indians; — so called from their practice of digging roots for food.

(Dig"ging) n.

Digester to Dike

(Di*gest"er) n.

1. One who digests.

2. A medicine or an article of food that aids digestion, or strengthens digestive power.

Rice is . . . a great restorer of health, and a great digester.
Sir W. Temple.

3. A strong closed vessel, in which bones or other substances may be subjected, usually in water or other liquid, to a temperature above that of boiling, in order to soften them.

(Di*gest`i*bil"i*ty) n. The quality of being digestible.

(Di*gest"i*ble) a. [F. digestible, L. digestibilis.] Capable of being digested.

(Di*gest"i*ble*ness), n. The quality of being digestible; digestibility.

(Di*ges"tion) n. [F. digestion, L. digestio.]

1. The act or process of digesting; reduction to order; classification; thoughtful consideration.

2. (Physiol.) The conversion of food, in the stomach and intestines, into soluble and diffusible products, capable of being absorbed by the blood.

3. (Med.) Generation of pus; suppuration.

(Di*gest"ive) a. [F. digestif, L. digestivus.] Pertaining to digestion; having the power to cause or promote digestion; as, the digestive ferments.

Digestive cheese and fruit there sure will be.
B. Jonson.

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