To have one's cake dough. See under Cake.

(Dough"-baked`) a. Imperfectly baked; hence, not brought to perfection; unfinished; also, of weak or dull understanding. [Colloq.] Halliwell.

(Dough"bird`) n. (Zoöl.) The Eskimo curlew See Curlew.

(Dough"face`) n. A contemptuous nickname for a timid, yielding politician, or one who is easily molded. [Political cant, U. S.]

(Douce) a. [F. doux, masc., douce, fem., sweet, fr. L. duleis sweet.]

1. Sweet; pleasant. [Obs.]

2. Sober; prudent; sedate; modest. [Scot.]

And this is a douce, honest man.
Sir W. Scott.

(Douce"pere`) n. [F. les douze pairs the twelve peers of France, renowned in romantic fiction.] One of the twelve peers of France, companions of Charlemagne in war. [Written also douzepere.] [Obs.]

Big-looking like a doughty doucepere.

(Dou"cet Dow"set) , n. [F. doucet sweet, dim. of doux. See Douce.]

1. A custard. [Obs.]

2. A dowcet, or deep's testicle.

(||Dou`ceur") n. [F., fr. doux sweet. See Douce.]

1. Gentleness and sweetness of manner; agreeableness. Chesterfield.

2. A gift for service done or to be done; an honorarium; a present; sometimes, a bribe. Burke.

(Douche) n. [F., fr. It. doccia, fr. docciare to flow, pour, fr. an assumed LL. ductiare, fr. L. ducere, ductum, to lead, conduct See Duct.]

1. A jet or current of water or vapor directed upon some part of the body to benefit it medicinally; a douche bath.

2. (Med.) A syringe.

(Dou"cine) n. [F.] (Arch.) Same as Cymarecta, under Cyma.

(Douck"er) n. [From aouck, for duck. See Duck, v. t.] (Zoöl.) A grebe or diver; — applied also to the golden-eye, pochard, scoter, and other ducks. [Written also ducker.] [Prov. Eng.]

(Dough) n. [OE. dagh, dogh, dow, AS. dah; akin to D. deeg, G. teig, Icel. deig, Sw. deg, Dan. deig, Goth. daigs; also, to Goth. deigan to knead, L. fingere to form, shape, Skr. dih to smear; cf. Gr. wall, to touch, handle. . Cf. Feign, Figure, Dairy, Duff.]

1. Paste of bread; a soft mass of moistened flour or meal, kneaded or unkneaded, but not yet baked; as, to knead dough.

2. Anything of the consistency of such paste.

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