Curled hair(Com.), the hair of the manes and tails of horses, prepared for upholstery purposes. McElrath.

(Curl"ed*ness), n. State of being curled; curliness.

(Curl"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, curls.

2. A player at the game called curling. Burns.

(Cur"lew) n. [F. courlieu, corlieu, courlis; perh. of imitative origin, but cf. OF. corlieus courier; L. currere to run + levis light.] (Zoöl.) A wading bird of the genus Numenius, remarkable for its long, slender, curved bill.

The common European curlew is N. arquatus. The long-billed the Hudsonian (N. Hudsonicus), and the Eskimo curlew (N. borealis, are American species. The name is said to imitate the note of the European species.

Curlew Jack(Zoöl.) the whimbrel or lesser curlew.Curlew sandpiper(Zoöl.), a sandpiper common in Europe, rare in America, resembling a curlew in having a long, curved bill. See Illustation in Appendix.

(Curl"i*ness) n. State of being curly.

(Curl"ing), n.

1. The act or state of that which curls; as, the curling of smoke when it rises; the curling of a ringlet; also, the act or process of one who curls something, as hair, or the brim of hats.

2. A scottish game in which heavy weights of stone or iron are propelled by hand over the ice towards a mark.

Curling . . . is an amusement of the winter, and played on the ice, by sliding from one mark to another great stones of 40 to 70 pounds weight, of a hemispherical form, with an iron or wooden handle at top. The object of the player is to lay his stone as near to the mark as possible, to guard that of his partner, which has been well laid before, or to strike off that of his antagonist.

Curling irons, Curling tong, an instrument for curling the hair; — commonly heated when used.

(Curl"ing*ly), adv. With a curl, or curls.

(Curl"y) a. Curling or tending to curl; having curls; full of ripples; crinkled.

(Curl"y*cue) n. [Cf. F. caracole.] Some thing curled or spiral,, as a flourish made with a pen on paper, or with skates on the ice; a trick; a frolicsome caper. [Sometimes written carlicue.] [ Colloq. U.S.]

To cut a curlycue, to make a flourish; to cut a caper.

I gave a flourishing about the room and cut a curlycue with my right foot.

(Cur*mudg"eon) n. [OE. cornmudgin, where -mudgin is prob. from OF. muchier, mucier, F. musser to hide; of uncertain origin; cf. OE. muchares skulking thieves, E. miche, micher.] An avaricious, grasping fellow; a miser; a niggard; a churl.

A gray-headed curmudgeon of a negro.
W. Irving.

Curled to Curse

(Curled) a. Having curls; curly; sinuous; wavy; as, curled maple

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