Cylindrical lens, a lens having one, or more than one, cylindrical surface.Cylindric, or Cylindrical, surface(Geom.), a surface described by a straight line that moves according to any law, but so as to be constantly parallel to a given line.Cylindrical vault. (Arch.) See under Vault, n.

(Cy*lin"dric*al*ly) adv. In the manner or shape of a cylinder; so as to be cylindrical.

(Cyl*`in*dric"i*ty) n. The quality or condition of being cylindrical.

(Cy*lin"dri*form) a. [L. cylindrus (Gr. ky`lindros) cylinder + -form: cf. F. cylindriforme.] Having the form of a cylinder.

(Cyl"in*droid) n. [Gr. ky`lindros cylinder + -oid: cf. F. cylindroïde.]

1. A solid body resembling a right cylinder, but having the bases or ends elliptical.

2. (Geom.) A certain surface of the third degree, described by a moving straight line; — used to illustrate the motions of a rigid body and also the forces acting on the body.

(Cy*lin`dro*met"ric) a. [Gr. ky`lindros + me`tron measure.] Belonging to a scale used in measuring cylinders.

(||Cy"ma) (si"ma) n. [NL., fr. Gr. ky^ma. See Cyme]

1. (Arch.) A member or molding of the cornice, the profile of which is wavelike in form.

2. (Bot.) A cyme. See Cyme.

Cyma recta, orCyma, a cyma, hollow in its upper part and swelling below.Cyma reversa, or Ogee, a cyma swelling out on the upper part and hollow below.

(Cy*mar") n. [F. simarre. See Chimere.] A slight covering; a scarf. See Simar.

Her body shaded with a light cymar.

(||Cy*ma"ti*um) n. [L., fr. Gr. kyma`tion, dim. of ky^ma a wave.] (Arch.) A capping or crowning molding in classic architecture.

(Cym"bal) n. [OE. cimbale, simbale, OF. cimbale, F. cymbale, L. cymbalum, fr. Gr. ky`mbalon, fr. ky`mbh, ky`mbos, anything hollow, hollow vessel, basin, akin to Skr. kumbha pot. Cf. Chime.]

1. A musical instrument used by the ancients. It is supposed to have been similar to the modern kettle drum, though perhaps smaller.

2. A musical instrument of brass, shaped like a circular dish or a flat plate, with a handle at the back; — used in pairs to produce a sharp ringing sound by clashing them together.

In orchestras, one cymbal is commonly attached to the bass drum, and the other heid in the drummer's left hand, while his right hand uses the drumstick.

3. A musical instrument used by gypsies and others, made of steel wire, in a triangular form, on which are movable rings.

Cylindraceous to Cysted

(Cyl`in*dra"ceous) a. [Cf. F. cylyndracé] Cylindrical, or approaching a cylindrical form.

(Cy*lin"dric Cy*lin"dric*al) a. [Gr. kylindriko`s, from ky`lindros cylinder: cf. F. cylindrique.] Having the form of a cylinder, or of a section of its convex surface; partaking of the properties of the cylinder.

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