(||Du*e"lo) n. [It. See Duel.] A duel; also, the rules of dueling. [Obs.] Shak.

(||Du*e"ña) n. [Sp.] See Doña.

(Due"ness) n. Quality of being due; debt; what is due or becoming. T. Goodwin.

(Du*en"na) n.; pl. Duennas [Sp. dueña, doña, fr. L. domina. See Dame.]

1. The chief lady in waiting on the queen of Spain. Brande.

2. An elderly lady holding a station between a governess and companion, and appointed to have charge over the younger ladies in a Spanish or a Portuguese family. Brande & C.

3. Any old woman who is employed to guard a younger one; a governess. Arbuthnot.

(Du*et") n. [Duetto.] (Mus.) A composition for two performers, whether vocal or instrumental.

(||Du`et*ti"no) n. [It ., dim. fr. duetto a duet.] A duet of short extent and concise form.

(||Du*et"to) n. [It., fr. It & L. duo two. See Two.] See Duet.

(Duff) n. [From OE. dagh. &radic67. See Dough.]

1. Dough or paste. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

2. A stiff flour pudding, boiled in a bag; — a term used especially by seamen; as, plum duff.

(Duf"fel) n. [D. duffel, from Duffel, a town not far from Antwerp.] A kind of coarse woolen cloth, having a thick nap or frieze. [Written also duffle.]

Good duffel gray and flannel fine.

(Duf"fer) n.

1. A peddler or hawker, especially of cheap, flashy articles, as sham jewelry; hence, a sham or cheat. [Slang, Eng.] Halliwell.

2. A stupid, awkward, inefficient person.[Slang]

(Duf"fle) n. See Duffel.

(Du*fren"ite) n. [From ierre Armand Dufrénoy, a French geologist.] (Min.) A mineral of a blackish green color, commonly massive or in nodules. It is a hydrous phosphate of iron.

(Dug) n. [Akin to Sw. dägga to suckle Dan. dægge, and prob. to Goth. daddjan. &radic66.] A teat, pap, or nipple; — formerly that of a human mother, now that of a cow or other beast.

With mother's dug between its lips.

(Dug), imp. & p. p. of Dig.

(Du*gong") n. [Malayan dyng, or Javan. duyung.] (Zoöl.) An aquatic herbivorous mammal (Halicore dugong), of the order Sirenia, allied to the manatee, but with a bilobed tail. It inhabits the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, East Indies, and Australia. [Written also duyong.]

(Dug"out`) n.

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