Syn. — Doubtful; doubting; unsettled; undetermined; equivocal; uncertain. Cf. Doubtful.

(Du"bi*ous*ly), adv. In a dubious manner.

(Du"bi*ous*ness), n. State of being dubious.

(Du"bi*ta*ble) a. [L. dubitabilis. Cf. Doubtable.] Liable to be doubted; uncertain. [R.] Dr. H. More.Du"bi*ta*bly, adv. [R.]

(Du"bi*tan*cy) n. [LL. dubitantia.] Doubt; uncertainty. [R.] Hammond.

(Du"bi*tate) v. i. [L. dubitatus, p. p. of dubitare. See Doubt.] To doubt. [R.]

If he . . . were to loiter dubitating, and not come.

(Du`bi*ta"tion) n. [L. dubitatio.] Act of doubting; doubt. [R.] Sir T. Scott.

(Du"bi*ta*tive) a. [L. dubitativus: cf. F. dubitatif.] Tending to doubt; doubtful. [R.] — Du"bi*ta*tive*ly, adv. [R.] . Eliot.

(||Du*bois"i*a) n. [NL.] (Med.) Same as Duboisine.

(Du*bois"ine) n. (Med.) An alkaloid obtained from the leaves of an Australian tree and regarded as identical with hyoscyamine. It produces dilation of the pupil of the eye.

(Du"cal) a. [F. ducal. See Duke.] Of or pertaining to a duke.

His ducal cap was to be exchanged for a kingly crown.

(Du"cal*ly), adv. In the manner of a duke, or in a manner becoming the rank of a duke.

(Duc"at) n. [F. ducat, It. ducato, LL. ducatus, fr. dux leader or commander. See Duke.] A coin, either of gold or silver, of several countries in Europe; originally, one struck in the dominions of a duke.

The gold ducat is generally of the value of nine shillings and four pence sterling, or somewhat more that two dollars. The silver ducat is of about half this value.

(Duc`a*toon") n. [F. or Sp. ducaton, fr. ducat.] A silver coin of several countries of Europe, and of different values.

Duces tecum
(||Du"ces te"cum) [L., bring with thee.] A judicial process commanding a person to appear in court and bring with him some piece of evidence or other thing to be produced to the court.

(Duch"ess) n. [F. duchesse, fr. duc duke.] The wife or widow of a duke; also, a lady who has the sovereignty of a duchy in her own right.

Duchesse d'Angoulême
(||Du`chesse" d'An`gou`lême") [F.] (Bot.) A variety of pear of large size and excellent flavor.

(Duch"y) n.; pl. Duchies [F. duché, OF. duchée, (assumed) LL. ducitas, fr. L. dux. See Duke.] The territory or dominions of a duke; a dukedom.

(Duck) n. [Cf. Dan. dukke, Sw. docka, OHG. doccha, G. docke. Cf. Doxy.] A pet; a darling. Shak.

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