Magnetic Mountain to Mahu

Magnetic Mountain (The). This mountain drew out all the nails and iron bolts of any ship which approached it, thus causing it to fall to pieces.

This mountain is very steep, and on the summit is a large dome made of fine bronze, which is supported upon columns of the same metal. On the top of the dome there is a bronze horse with the figure of a man upon it.…There is a tradition that this statue is the principal cause of the loss of so many vessels and men, and that it will never cease from being destructive… till it be overthrown.—Arabian Nights (“The Third Calender”).

Magnificent (The), Khosrû or Chosroës I. of Persia (*, 531–579).

Lorenzo de Medici (1448–1492).

Robert duc de Normandie; called Le Diable also (*, 1028–1035).

Soliman I., greatest of the Turkish sultans (1493, 1520–1566).

Magnus (Mr. Peter), the hero of an episode in the Pickwick Papers by Dickens (1836).

Magog, according to Ezek, xxxviii., xxxix., was a country of people over whom Gog was prince. Some say the Goths are meant, others the Persians, others the Scythians or the northern nations of Europe generally.

N.B.—Sale says that Magog is the tribe called by Ptolemy “Gilân,” and by Strabo “Geli” or “Gelæ.”—Al Korân, xxviii. note. (See Gog, p. 433.)

Magog, one of the princes of Satan, whose ambition is to destroy hell.

Magounce , Arundel Castle.

She drew southward unto the sea-side, till, by fortune, she came to a castle called Magounce, and now is called Arundell, in Southsex.—Sir T. Malory: History of Prince Arthur, ii. 118 (1470).

Magricio, the champion of Isabella of Portugal, who refused to pay truage to France. He vanquished the French champion, and thus liberated his country from tribute.

Magwitch (Abel), a convict for life, the unknown father of Estella who was adopted from infancy by Miss Havisham the daughter of a rich banker. The convict, having made his escape to Australia, became a successful sheep-farmer, and sent money secretly to Mr. Jaggers, a London lawyer, to educate Pip as a gentleman. When Pip was 23 years old, Magwitch returned to England, under the assumed name of Provis, and made himself known to Pip. He was tracked by Orlick and Compeyson, arrested, condemned to death, and died in jail. All his money was confiscated,—Dickens: Great Expectations (1860).

Mahmut, the “Turkish Spy,” who remained undiscovered in Paris for fortyfive years, revealing to his Government all the intrigues of the Christian courts (1637–1682).

Mahomet or Mohammed, the titular name taken by Halabi, founder of Islam (570–632).

Adopted Son: Usma, son of Zaid his freedman (See below, “Zainab.”)

Angel who revealed the Korán to Mahomet: Gabriel.

Banner: Sanjak-sherif, kept in the Eyab mosque at Constantinople.

Birthplace: Mecca, A.D. 570.

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