Bow: Al Catûm (“the strong”), confiscated from the Jews. In his first battle he drew it with such force that it snapped in two.

Buried at Medina, on the very spot where he died.

Camel: Al Adha (“the slit-eared”), the swiftest of his camels. One of the ten dumb animals admitted into paradise.

Cave (The) in which Gabriel appeared to him was Hoiâ.

Concubines: Mariyeh, mother of Ibrahim his son, was his favourite; but he had fourteen others.

Cousins: Ali, his best friend; Abû Sofiân ebn al Hareth.

Cuirass: Al Fadha. It was of silver, and was confiscated from the Jews.

Daughters by Kadijah: Zainab, Rukaijah, Umm Kulthûm, and Fâtima his favourite (called one of the “three perfect women”).

Defeat: at Ohud, where it was reported that he was slain (A.D. 623).

Died at Medina, on the lap of Ayishah, his favourite wife, 11 Hedjrah (June 8, 632).

Father: Abdallah, of the family of Hâshim and tribe of Koreish. Abdallah was a small merchant, who died when his son was five years old. At the death of his father, his grandfather took charge of him; but he also died within two years. He then lived with his uncle Abû Taleb (from the age of seven to 14). (See Zesbet.)

Father-in-law: Abû Bekr, father of his favourite wife Ayishah.

Flight: Hedjrah or Hegira, July 16, 622.

Followers: called Moslem or Mussulmans.

Grandson: Abd-el-Motalleb.

Horse: Al Borak (“the lightning”), brought to him by Gabriel to carry him to the seventh heaven. It had the wings of an eagle, the face of a man, with the cheeks of a horse, and spoke Arabic.

Journey to Heaven (The), on Al Borak, is called Isra.

Mother: Amina or Aminta, of the family of Zuhra and tribe of Koreish. (See Zesbet.)

Nickname in Boyhood: El Amin (“the safe man”).

Personal Appearance: Middle height, rather lean, broad shoulders, strongly built, abundance of black curly hair, coal-black eyes with thick lashes, nose large and slightly bent, beard long. He had between his shoulders a black mole, “the seal of prophecy.”

Poisoned by Zainab, a Jewess, who placed before him poisoned meat, in 624. He tasted it, and ever after suffered from its effects, but survived eight years.

Scripture: Al Korán (“the reading”). It is divided into 114 chapters.

Sons by Kadijah: Al Kâsim and Abd Ma nâf; both died in childhood. By Mariyeh (Mary) his concubine: Ibrahim, who died when 15 months old. Adopted son: Usma, the child of his freedman Zaid. (See “Zainab.”)

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