Table of contents
Macaire to MacFittoch  
MacFlecknoe to Macrobii  
Macrothumus to Madoc  
Mador to Magnano  
Magnetic Mountain to Mahu  
Maid Marian to Maimuna  
Mainote to Maleger  
Malengin to Mambrino’s Helmet  
Mamillius to Man of Law’s Tale  
Man of Ross to Manette  
Maney to Mansfield  
Mansur to Mardi-Gras  
Mardonius to Margiana  
Marguerite Gautier to MARIANA  
Mariana to Marine  
Marinel to Marmion  
Marner to Marseilles’ Good Bishop  
Marshal Forwards to Martivalle  
Martyr King to Masaniello  
Mascarille to Matthew Merrygreek  
Matthew’s Bible to Maxime  
Maximilian to Mazeppa  
M. B. Waistcoat to Medulla Theologiæ  
Medulla Theologica to Melibe  
Melibee to Melville  
Melyhalt to Mephostophilus  
Mercer to Merlin  
Merlin the Wild to Metastasio  
Meteoric Stones to Middleburgh  
Middlemarch to Milesian Fables  
Milesians to Mincing Lane  
Mincius to Mirabella  
Mirabilis Doctor to Mishe-Nahma  
Misnar to Moath  
Moccasins to Mohicans  
Mohocks to Monastery  
Monçada to Monmouth  
Monmouth Caps to Montespan  
Montfauçon to Moon of Bright Nights  
Moon’s Men to More of More Hall  
Morecraft to Morna  
Mornay to Morte d’Arthur  
Mortemar to Moses Slow of Speech  
Most Christian King to Mount of Transfiguration  
Mount Zion to Mucklewrath  
Muckworm to Munera  
Mungo to Musketeer  
Muslin to Mysterious Husband  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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