Geber, an Arabian alchemist, born at Thous, in Persia (eighth century). He wrote several treatises on the “art of making gold,” in the usual mystical jargon of the period; and hence our word gibberish (“senseless jargon”).

This art the Arabian Geber taught.
The Elixir of Perpetual Youth.
   —Longfellow: The Golden Legend.

Geddes (Joshua), the quaker.

Rachel Geddes , sister of Joshua.

Philip Geddes, grandfather of Joshua and Rachel Geddes.—Sir W. Scott: Redgauntlet (time, George III.).

Geese save the Capitol. The following are fair parallel cases:—

When the French forces under Coligny (Jan. 6, 1557) had arranged a night attack on the city of Douay, while all men slept, an old woman accidentally observed the movement of the French forces, and ran shrieking through the streets. Her clamour roused the guards, and the city was saved.—Motley: The Dutch Republic, pt. i. 2.

The protestants besieged in Beziers (France) owed their safety to a drunken drummer, who, in reeling to his quarters at midnight, rang the alarm-bell of the town, not knowing what he did. And just at that moment the enemy, about to make an assault, alarmed by the bell, precipitately retreated, and the town was saved.—Flavel.

I remember reading of a mouse scampering over a drum-head, and rousing the guard.

Gehenna, the place of everlasting torment. Strictly speaking, it means the Valley of Hinnom (Ge Hinnom), where sacrifices to Moloch were offered, and where refuse of all sorts was subsequently cast, for the consumption of which fires were kept constantly burning. There was also a sort of aqua tofana, called liquor Gehennœ.

Holy water it may be to many,
But to me the veriest liquor Gehennæ.
   —Longfellow: The Golden Legend.

And black Gehenna called, the type of hell.
   —Milton: Paradise Lost, i. 405 (1665).

Geierstein [Gi-er-stine], Arnold count of.

Count Albert of Geierstein, brother of Arnold Biederman, disguised (1) as the black priest of St. Paul’s; (2) as president of the secret tribunal; (3) as monk at Mont St. Victoire.

Anne of Geierstein, called “The Maiden of the Mist,” daughter of count Albert, and baroness of Arnheim.

Count Heinrich of Geierstein, grandfather of count Arnold.

Count Williewald of Geierstein, father of count Arnold.—Sir W. Scott: Anne of Geierstein (time, Edward IV.).

N.B.—For sketch of the tale, see Anne of Geierstein, p. 46.

Geislaer (Peterkin), one of the insurgents at Liège [Le-aje].—Sir W. Scott: Quentin Durward (time, Edward IV.).

Geith (George), a model of untiring industry, perseverance, and moral courage. Undaunted by difficulties, he pursued his onward way, and worked as long as breath was left him.—Mrs. Trafford [Riddell]: George Geith.

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