Table of contents
Gabble Retchet to Galasp  
Galatea to Gamelyn  
Gamelyn de Guardover to Garagantua  
Garcias to Garlic  
Garratt to Gavroche  
Gawain to Geloios  
Gem Alphabet to Gentleman Smith  
Geoffrey to George-a-Greene  
George Barnwell to Geryoneo  
Gesa to Giants in Real Life  
Giant of Literature to Gibraltar of the New World  
Gibson to Gilla Dacker and his Horse  
Gillamore to Gipsies’ Head-quarters  
Giralda to Glass Slipper  
Glasse to Glory  
Glory Hole to Godfrey Case  
Godinez to Gold Hair  
Gold of Nibelungen to Goliards  
Golightly to Gooseberry Pie  
Goosey Goderich to Gottlieb  
Gourlay to Gradgrind  
Gradus to Grapes Painted  
Grass to Great Expectations  
Great Harry to Green Horse  
Green Howards to Gretna Green Marriages  
Grey to Grissel  
Grizel Dalmahoy to Gryll  
Gryphon to Guiderius  
Guido to Gulliver  
Gulnato Guy Mannering  
Guynteline to Gyptian  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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