List of Inventions and Contrivances

A mode of applying Steam Power for the Traction of Canal Barges, without injury to the Canal Banks.

An Instrument for Measuring the Total Comparative Expansion of all Solid Bodies.

A Method of increasing the Effectiveness of Steam by super-heating it on its Passage from the Boiler to the Engine.

A Method of "chucking" delicate Metal-work, in order that it may be turned with perfect truth

A Method of casting Specula for Reflecting Telescopes, so as to ensure perfect Freeness from Defects, at the same time enhancing the Brilliancy of the Alloy.

A Mode of transmitting Rotary Motion by means of a Flexible Shaft, formed of a Coiled Spiral Wire or Rod of Steel.

A Mode of cutting Square or Hexagonal Collared Nuts or Bolt-Heads by means of a Revolving File or Cutter.

An Investigation into the Origin and Mode of writing the Cuneiform Character.

A Machine for cutting the Key-Grooves in Metal Wheels and Belt Pulleys, of ANY Diameter.

An Instrument for finding and marking the Centres of Cylindrical Rods or Bolts about to be turned on the Lathe.

Improvement in Steam-Engine Pistons, and in Water and Air-Pump Buckets, so as to lessen Friction and dispense with Packing.

An instantaneous Mode of producing graceful Curves, suitable for designing Vases and other graceful objects in Pottery and Glass.

A Machine for planing the smaller or detail parts of Machinery, whether Flat of Cylindrical.

Solar Ray Origins of the form of the Egyptian Pyramids, Obelisks, etc

Method of reversing the action of Slide Lathes.

Self-adjusting Bearings for the Shafts of Machinery

Invention of Safety Foundry Ladle

Invention of the Steam Ram

Invention of the Steam Hammer, in its general principles and details

Invention of the Floating Mortar or Torpedo Ram.

A Double-faced Wedge-shaped Sluice-Valve for Main Street Water-pipes.

A Hydraulic Mattress Press, capable of exerting a pressure of Twenty thousand tons.

A Tapping Square, or instrument by which Perfect Verticality of the Tapping of Screwed Holes is insured.

A Mode of turning Segmental Work in the Ordinary Lathe.

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