Invention of the steam-hammer pile-driver.

A Universal Flexible Joint for Steam and Water-pipes.

An Improvement in Blowing Fans and their Bearings.

A direct Action "Suction" Fan for the Ventilation of Coal-Mines.

An improvement in the Links of Chain Cables.

An Improved Method of Welding Iron.

Introduction of the V Anvil.

A Spherical-seated Direct-weighted Safety Valve.

A Machine for cutting out Cottar Slots and Key-Groove Recesses in Parts of Machinery by a Traversing Drill.

A Steam Hammer Form of Steam-Engine.

An Improved Mode of Punching large Holes in Plate Iron by slightly skewing the Face of the Punch in the Punching Machine.

Application of Hydraulic Power to the Punching of Large Holes in Iron Bars, and Plates of Great Thickness.

An Alternately-pegged "Skive" or Pulley for Rope Band Power Transmission.

A Turn-table "Trunnion Vision" Reflecting Telescope.

A Double or Ambidexter Self-acting Turning-Lathe, with "Dead Gutters," specially adapted for turning Bolts and suchlike detail Parts of Machinery.

A Solid-bar Link-Valve Motion, especially valuable for the larger class of Marine Steam-Engines.

Steam Puddling Patent. This was the "pioneer" of the Bessemer process. See Bessemer correspondence, p. 354.

A Reversible Rolling Mill without Fly-wheel.

Drilling Tunnels through Hard Rock.

Chilled Cast-iron Shot.

Mr Nasmyth's final comments on his inventions and contrivances.

A mode of applying Steam Power for the Traction of Canal Barges, without injury to the Canal Banks.

A CANAL having been formed to connect Edinburgh with the Forth and Clyde Canal, and so to give a direct waterway communication between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I heard much talk about the desirableness of substituting Steam for Horse power as the means of moving the boats and barges along the canal. But, as the action of paddle wheels had been found destructive to the canal banks, no scheme of that nature could be entertained. Although a tyro in such matters, I made an attempt to solve the problem,

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