(Adjectives). Irascible, susceptible, excitable, irritable, fretful, fretty, on the fret, fidgety, peevish, hasty, over-hasty, quick, warm, hot, huffish, huffy, touchy, testy, techy (or tetchy), pettish, waspish, snappish, petulant, peppery, fiery, passionate, choleric, short-tempered.

    Ill-tempered, cross, churlish, sour, crabbed, out of sorts, fractious, splenetic, spleenful, froward, shrewish.

    Quarrelsome, querulous, disputatious, cantankerous, sarcastic 932, resentful, vindictive, pugnacious, aggressive.

    (Phrases). Like touchwood or tinder; a word and a blow; as cross as two sticks.

  1. Expression of affection or love.
  2. Endearment (Substantives), caress, blandishment, épanchement, fondling, billing and cooing, embrace, salute, kiss, buss, smack, osculation, deosculation.

    Courtship, wooing, suit, addresses, attentions, petits soins, flirtation, philandering, gallivanting, serenading.


    Love-tale, love-token, love-letter, billet-doux, valentine.

    (Verbs). To caress, fondle, wheedle, dandle, dally, cuddle, cockle, cosset, nestle, nuzzle, snuggle, clasp, hug, embrace, kiss, salute, bill and coo.

    To court, woo, flirt, philander, spoon, canoodle, mash, serenade.

    (Phrases). To make much of; to smile upon; to make eyes at; to pat on the cheek; to make love; pay one's court or one's addresses to; set one's cap at; kill with kindness; pop the question.

    To win the heart, affections, love, etc., of.

    (Adjectives). Caressing, etc., caressed, etc., flirtatious, spoony.

  3. Marriage (Substantives), matrimony, wedlock, union, match, intermarriage, coverture, cohabitation, bed, the marriage-bond.
  4. Wedding, nuptials, Hymen, spousals, espousals; leading to the altar; the torch of Hymen; nuptial benediction, epithalamium.

    Bride, bridegroom, bridesmaid, bridesman, best man.

    Honeymoon, honeymooner.

    A married man, a husband, spouse, benedick, consort, goodman, hubby.

    A married woman, a wife, mate, helpmate, helpmeet, rib, better half, femme couverte (or feme coverte), squaw.

    A married couple, Darby and Joan, man and wife.

    A monogamist, bigamist, polygamist, a much-married man, a Turk, a Bluebeard, a Mormon.

    Monogamy, bigamy, digamy, deuterogamy, trigamy, polygamy, polyandry, endogamy, exogamy.

    (Verbs). To marry, wed, espouse, wive.

    (Phrases). To lead to the altar; to take to oneself a wife; to take for better for worse; to give one's hand to; to get spliced.

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