(Adjectives). Disclosed, revealed, divulged, laid open, etc., unriddled, etc.; outspoken, etc. 543.

    Open, public, exoteric, in the face of the day.

    (Interjection). Out with it!

  1. Ambush (Substantives), hiding - place, retreat, cover, lurking-hole, secret place, recess, cache, ambuscade, guet-apens, adytum, trap, gin, see 545.
  2. A mask, veil, vizor (or visor), cloak, screen, hoarding, curtain, shade, cover, disguise, masquerade dress, domino.

    (Verbs. To lie in ambush, lurk, couch, lie in wait for, lay or set a trap for.

  3. Publication (Substantives), announcement, notification, enunciation, annunciation, advertisement, promulgation, circulation, propagation, edition, redaction, proclamation, hue and cry, the Press, journalism.
  4. Publicity, notoriety, currency, cry, bruit, rumour, fame, report, on dit, flagrancy, limelight, town-talk, small talk, table-talk, puffery, réclame, the light of day, daylight.

    Notice, notification, manifesto, propaganda, advertisement, circular, placard, bill, affiche, poster, newspapers, gazette; agony column.

    Publisher (see 593), publicity agent, advertising agent.

    (Phrases). An open secret; un secret de Polichinelle.

    (Verbs). To publish, make known, announce, notify, annunciate, gazette, set forth, give forth, give out, utter, advertise, circularise, placard, afficher, circulate, propagate, spread, spread abroad, broadcast, edit, redact, rumour, diffuse, disseminate, celebrate, blaze about; blaze or noise abroad; buzz, bandy, hawk about, trumpet, herald, puff, boom, give tongue, raise a cry, raise a hue and cry, bring, lay or drag before the public, give currency to, bring out.

    (Phrases). To proclaim from the house-tops; to publish in the gazette; to send round the crier; spargere auras per vulgum ambiguas; with beat of drum.

    To be published, etc., to become public, to go forth, get abroad, get about, get wind, take air, get afloat, acquire currency, get in the papers, spread, go the rounds, buzz about, blow about.

    (Phrases). Virum volitare per ora; to pass from mouth to mouth; to spread like wildfire.

    (Adjectives). Published, etc., made public, exoteric, rumoured, rife, current, afloat, notorious, flagrant, whispered, buzzed about, in every one's mouth, reported, trumpet-tongued; encyclical.

    (Phrase). As the story runs.

    (Interjections). Oyez! O yes!

  5. News (Substantives), piece of information, intelligence, tidings, budget of news, word, advice, message, communication, errand, embassy, dispatch, bulletin.
  6. Report, rumour, hearsay, on dit fame, talk, gossip, oui-dire, scandal, buzz, bruit, chronique scandaleuse, town-talk.

    Letters, mail, post 592, telegram, wire, cable, wireless message, Marconigram.

    Glad tidings; fresh news, old news, stale news, stale story.

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