To be concealed, etc., to lurk, skulk, smoulder, lie hid, lie in ambush, lie perdu, lie low, sneak, retire, steal into, steal along.

    To conceal oneself, put on a veil, etc. 530, masquerade.

    (Phrases). To play at bo-peep; to play at hide-and-seek; to hide under a bushel; to throw dust in the eyes.

    (Adjectives). Concealed, hid, hidden, etc., secret, clandestine, close, private, furtive, surreptitious, stealthy, feline, underhand, sly, sneaking, skulking, hole-and-corner, undivulged, unrevealed, undisclosed, mum.

    Mysterious, mystic, mystical, enigmatical, problematical, anagogical, paradoxical, occult, cryptic, gnostic, cabbalistic, esoteric, recondite, abstruse, unexplained, impenetrable, undiscoverable, inexplicable, unknowable, bewildering, baffling.

    Covered, closed, shrouded, veiled, masked, screened, shaded, disguised, under cover, under a cloud, veil, etc., in a fog, haze, mist, etc., under an eclipse; inviolable, confidential.

    (Phrase). Close as wax.

    Reserved, uncommunicative, secretive, buttoned up, taciturn 585.

    (Adverbs). Secretly, clandestinely, incognito, Privily, in secret, mum, with closed doors, à huis clos, à la é robée, under the rose, sub rosa, underhand, en tapinois, privately, in private, aside, on the sly sub silentio, behind one's back, behind the curtain, behind the scenes.

    Confidentially, between ourselves, between you and me, entre nous, inter nos, in strict confidence, on the strict q.t., it must go no farther.

    (Phrases). Like a thief in the night; under the seal of secrecy, of confession; Davus sum, non îdipus; "tell it not in Gath"; nobody any the wiser.

  1. Disclosure (Substantives), revealment, revelation, disinterment, exposition, effusion, outpouring.
  2. Acknowledgment, avowal, confession; an exposé, dénouement.

    A tell-tale, tale-bearer, informer.

    (Verbs). To disclose, open, lay open, divulge, reveal, bewray, unfold, let drop, let fall, let out, let on, lay open, acknowledge, own, own up, confess, avow, unfold, unseal, unveil, unmask, uncover, unkennel, unearth 525.

    To blab, peach, let out, let fall, let on, betray, give away, tell tales, speak out, blurt out, vent, give vent to, come out with, round on, split.

    To make public, publish, see 531.

    To make no secret of, to disabuse, unbeguile, undeceive.

    (Phrases). to let into the secret; to let the cat out of the bag; to unburden or disburden one's mind or conscience; to open one's mind; to unbosom oneself; to make a clean breast of it; to give the show away; to own the soft impeachment; to tell tales out of school; not to mince the matter; to be on the tip of the tongue; to show one's hand.

    To be disclosed, revealed, etc., to come out, to transpire, to ooze out, to leak out, to creep out, to get wind, to come to light.

    (Phrase). Murder will out.

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