• Blackness (Substantives), swarthiness, dinginess, lividity, inkiness, pitchiness, nigritude.
  • Nigrification.

    Jet, ink, ebony, coal, pitch, charcoal, soot, sloe, smut, raven, negro, nigger, blackamoor.

    (Verbs). To be black, etc.

    To render black, to blacken, nigrify, denigrate, blot, blotch.

    (Adjectives). Black, sable, swarthy, swart, sombre, inky, ebon, livid, coal-black, fuliginous, dingy, dusky, Ethiopic, nocturnal, nigrescent.

    (Phrases). Black as my hat; black as a crow; black as thunder.

  • Grey (Substantives), dun, drab, dingy, sombre, tawny, mouse-coloured, ash, cinereous, cineritious, slate, stone, grizzly, grizzled.
  • Brown (Substantives), bay, dapple, auburn, chestnut, nut-brown, umber, cinnamon, fawn, russet, olive, hazel, tawny, fuscous, chocolate, liver-colour, tan, brunette, maroon, khaki, bronze, bistre.
  • (Phrases). Brown as a berry, as mahogany, as a gipsy.

    (Verbs). To render brown, to tan, bronze, etc.

    (Adjectives). Brown, etc., brindled, brindle, sallow, foxy, bronzed, sunburnt, tanned.

    Primitive Colours

  • Redness (Substantives), scarlet, vermilion, crimson, carmine, pink, lake, maroon, carnation, damask, ruby, rose, rubescence, rosiness, rufescence, ruddiness, rubicundity, blush colour, peach colour, flesh colour, gules, solferino.
  • Lobster.

    Erubescence, rubefaction.

    (Verbs). To become red, to blush, flush, mantle, redden, colour, incarnadine.

    To render red, redden, rouge, rubefy, rubricate.

    (Adjectives). Red, ruby, crimson, pink, etc., ruddy, rufous, florid, rosy, roseate, auroral, rose-coloured, blushing, mantling, etc., erubescent, blowzy, rubicund, stammel, blood-red, ensanguined, rubiform, cardinal, cerise, sang-de-bœuf, murrey, carroty, sorrel, brick-coloured, lateritic.

    (Phrases). Red as fire, as blood, as scarlet, as a turkey-cock, as a cherry.

  • Greenness (Substantives), verdure, viridescence.
  • Emerald, jasper, verd-antique, verdigris, beryl, aquamarine.

    (Adjectives). Green, verdant, pea - green, grass - green, apple-green, sea-green, turquoise-green, olive- green, bottle-green, glaucous, virescent, èruginous.

    (Phrase). Green as grass.

  • Yellowness (Substantives), buff colour, flesh colour, gamboge, crocus, saffron, topaz.
  • (Adjectives). Yellow, citron, gold, golden, aureate, citrine, fallow, fulvous, saffron, croceate, lemon, sulphur, amber, straw-coloured, sandy, lurid, Claude-tint, luteous, primrose-coloured, cream-coloured, buff, chrome.

    (Phrases). Yellow as a quince, as a guinea, as a crow's foot.

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