(Adjectives). Sweet, saccharine, sacchariferous, sugary, dulcet, candied, honeyed, luscious, edulcorated, nectarous, nectareous, sweetish, sugary.

    (Phrase). Sweet as a nut.

    4. Odour

  • Sourness (Substantives), acid, acidity, tartness, crabbedness, hardness, roughness, the acetous fermentation.
  • Vinegar, verjuice, crab, alum.

    (Verbs). To be sour, etc.

    (Phrase). To set the teeth on edge.

    To render sour, turn sour, acidify, acidulate.

    (Adjectives). Sour, acid, acidulous, sourish, subacid, vinegary, tart, crabbed, acetous, acescent, acetose, styptic, hard, rough.

    (Phrases). Sour as vinegar; sour as a crab.

  • Odour (Substantives), smell, scent, effluvium, emanation, fume, exhalation, essence; trail, nidor, redolence.
  • The sense of smell, act of smelling.

    (Verbs). To have an odour, to smell of, to exhale, to give out a smell, etc.

    To smell, scent, snuff, sniff, nose.

    (Adjectives). Odorous, odorant, odoriferous, smelling, strong-scented, graveolent, redolent, nidorous, pungent.

    Relating to the sense of smell: olfactory, quick-scented.

  • Inodorousness (Substantive), absence or want of smell; deodorisation.
  • (Verbs). To be inodorous, etc., deodorise 652.

    (Adjectives). Inodorous, odourless, scentless, wanting smell.

  • Fragrance (Substantives), aroma, redolence, perfume, bouquet.
  • Incense, musk, myrrh, frankincense, attar (or otto), eau-de-Cologne, civet, bergamot, balm, pot - pourri, pulvil, scent - bag, scent-bottle, sachet, nosegay.

    (Verbs). To perfume, scent, embalm.

    (Adjectives). Fragrant, aromatic, redolent, balmy, scented, sweet - smelling, sweet - scented, perfumed, musky.

  • Fetor (Substantives), strong smell, empyreuma, stench, stink, mustiness, fustiness, frowziness, frowst, rancidity, foulness, putrescence, putridity, mephitis.
  • A pole-cat, skunk, asafœtida, cacodyl, a stinkpot.

    (Verbs). To smell, to stink.

    (Phrase). To stink in the nostrils.

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