Woody to Wry face

Woody, a.

    1. Ligneous, wooden.
    2. Wooded, timbered, forest-covered, forest-crowned, covered with woods.
    3. Sylvan, shady, bosky, umbrageous, leafy, bowery.

Woody-nightshade, n. Bitter-sweet (Solanum dulcamara).

Wooer, n. Lover, suitor, gallant.

Woof, n. Weft.

Wooing, n. Suit, courtship, addresses.

Wool-gathering, n. Vagary, idle fancy, foolish enterprise, useless pursuit, wild-goose chase.

Woollen, a. [Written also [Woolen.] Made of wool, of wool.

Woollen, n. Cloth of wool, woollen cloth.

Woollens, n. pl. Woollen goods.

Woolly, a.

    1. Downy, like wool.
    2. Downy, covered with wool, nappy.
    3. (Bot.) Lanuginous, downy.

Word, n.

    1. Vocable, expression. See Term.
    2. Report, tidings, account, advice, intelligence, information.
    3. Statement, affirmation, declaration, assertion, averment.
    4. Promise, pledge, assurance, engagement.
    5. Order, command, signal.
    6. Scripture, Word of God.

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