Waddle to Walk


Waddle, v. n. Toddle, tottle, waggle.

Waders, n. pl. (Ornith.) Grallæ, grallatores.

Waft, v. a. Bear (through a buoyant medium), convey, transport, carry, transmit.

Waft, v. n. (Rare.) Float, be wafted.

Wag, v. a. Shake, waggle, shake to and fro.

Wag, v. n.

    1. Vibrate, move to and fro, be shaken to and fro.
    2. (Colloq.) Move, progress, stir, advance.

Wag, n. Wit, humorist, joker, jester, droll, humorous fellow, droll fellow.

Wage, v. a.

    1. Bet, stake, pledge, lay, wager, hazard.
    2. Undertake (as war), carry on, engage in.

Wager, n. Bet, stake, pledge.

Wager, v. a. Bet, stake, pledge, lay, wage.

Wager, v. n. Bet, lay a wager.

Wages, n. pl. Hire, salary, pay, compensation, remuneration, stipend, allowance, earnings, reward, emolument.

Waggery, n. Jocularity, facetiousness, drollery, pleasantry, humor, fun, waggishness, mischievous merriment, sport, roguery, jocosity, jocoseness.

Waggish, a.

    1. Mischievous, roguish, frolicsome, gamesome, tricksy.
    2. Jocular, jocose, humorous, sportive, merry, facetious, droll, funny, comical.

Waggishness, n. See Waggery.

Waggle, v. n. Tottle, toddle, waddle.

Waggle, v. a. Wag, shake, move one way and the other.

Waggon, n. [Written also Wagon.] Wain.

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