Walk after the flesh to Waste

Walk after the flesh. Live in sin, indulge sensual appetites.

Walk after the Spirit. Live a holy life.

Walk by faith. Follow the guidance of faith.

Walk in. Go in, enter.

Walk in darkness. Live in error, live in sin, live without comfort.

Walking-stick, n. Cane, staff, walking-staff.

Walk in the flesh. Live this natural life, subject to infirmities and calamities.

Walk in the light. Live in the practice of religion.

Walk on. Tread.

Walk with God. Live in obedience to God’s commands.

Wallet, n.

    1. Bag, sack, knapsack, pouch.
    2. Pocket-book.
    3. Pouch.
    4. Pedler’s pack.

Wallow, v. n.

    1. Flounder, roll, welter.
    2. Grovel, live in filth.

Wallower, n. Trundle, lantern-wheel.

Wall-paper, n. Paper-hangings.

Wall-pepper, n. Acrid stone-crop, mossy stone-crop (Sedum acre).

Wall-wort, n. Dwarf elder, danewort.

Walrus, n. Morse, sea-horse, sea-cow (Trichechus rosmarus).

Wampum, n. Wompompeage, wampeage.

Wan, a. Pale, pallid, cadaverous, ashen, colorless, of a sickly hue, haggard.

Wan, v. n. Turn pale, grow pale.

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