Vapid to Venus’s-fly-catcher

Vapid, a.

    1. Insipid, tasteless, flat, savorless, spiritless, stale, dead.
    2. Tame, dull, meagre, jejune, languid, feeble, prosing, prosy, prosaic, insipid, spiritless, flat.

Vapor, n.

    1. Gaseous state (of a substance ordinarily fluid or solid), aeriform state.
    2. Fume, steam, reek, exhalation, smoke, fog, mist, rack.
    3. Phantom, fantasy, whim, whimsey, vagary, day-dream, vain imagination, unreal fancy, dream, vision.

Vapor, v. n. Boast, brag, bluster, swagger, bully, faire claquer son fouet.

Vaporer, n. Boaster, blusterer, braggart, swaggerer, vaunter, bully, braggadocio.

Vaporish, a. Splenetic, hypochondriacal, peevish, petulant, humorsome, vapory.

Vaporize, v. a. Evaporate, convert into vapor.

Vaporous, a.

    1. Foggy, vapory, full of vapor.
    2. Unreal, unsubstantial, vain.

Vapors, n. pl. Hypochondriasis, spleen, melancholy, dejection, blues, depression of spirits, blue devils, dumps, tædium vita.

Vapory, a.

    1. Vaporous, foggy, full of vapor.
    2. See Vaporish.

Varec, Varech, n. [Fr.] Kelp, wrack, incinerated sea-weed (Fusus vesiculosus).

Variable, a.

    1. Changeable, mutable, shifting.
    2. Inconstant, unsteady, fickle, vacillating, wavering, fluctuating, fitful, mutable, versatile, shifting.

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