Vacancy to Vanquisher


Vacancy, n.

    1. Emptiness.
    2. Freedom from employment, intermission, leisure, idleness, listlessness.
    3. Empty space, vacuity.
    4. Chasm, gap, space.
    5. Unemployed time, interval of leisure, time of intermission.
    6. Unoccupied office, unfilled place.

Vacant, a.

    1. Empty, void, unfilled.
    2. Disengaged, unoccupied, unemployed, unencumbered, free, leisure.
    3. Thoughtless, unthinking, unreflecting, unmeaning.
    4. Unfilled, unoccupied, empty.

Vacate, v. a.

    1. Make vacant, leave empty, quit possession of, resign, surrender.
    2. Annul, disannul, nullify, rescind, cancel, quash, invalidate, abrogate, abolish, overrule, make void, set aside, do away with, deprive of force.

Vacation, n.

    1. Intermission.
    2. Holidays.

Vaccina, n. (Med.) Cow-pox, kine-pox, vaccinia.

Vaccinate, v. a. Inoculate with kine-pox, inoculate with vaccine matter.

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