Trundle-tail to Turn

Trundle-tail, n. Round-tail.

Trunk, n.

    1. Stem, stock, stalk, body, bole.
    2. Body (without the limbs).
    3. Main body.
    4. Proboscis, snout.
    5. Leat, watercourse.
    6. Box, chest, coffer.
    7. (Arch.) Shaft of a column.

Trunk-hose, n. Large breeches, wide breeches.

Trunnel, n. Treenail, wooden pin.

Truss, n.

    1. Bundle, package, packet.
    2. Bandage (for hernia), support, apparatus.

Truss, v. a.

    1. Bind, pack close, pack up, bind up, put up, cram.
    2. Keep tight, make fast, hold fast.
    3. Skewer, hold together, make fast.
    4. Hang, hang up, execute by hanging.

Truss up. Strain, make tight.

Trust, n.

    1. Confidence, reliance, faith, belief, credence.

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