Turn about to Tzarina

Turn about. Move the face to another quarter.

Turn a corner. Go round a corner.

Turn a deaf ear to. Disregard, decline to hear, take no notice of, pay no attention to, pay no regard to.

Turn adrift. Turn away, cast off, turn out, eject, discard, get rid of.

Turn aside. Avert, turn away, turn off.

Turn away. (Active.)

    1. Avert, turn aside.
    2. Dismiss (from service), discard, cashier, turn off.

Turn away. (Neuter.)

    1. Deviate, forsake.
    2. Go, depart, remove.

Turn back. Turn round, go back, return.

Turncoat, n. Apostate, renegade, backslider, deserter.

Turn down. Fold down, double down.

Turnep, n. Turnip.

Turner, n. Gymnast.

Turn in. (Active.) Fold in, double in.

Turn in. (Neuter.)

    1. Bend inward.
    2. Enter, go in.
    3. (Colloq.) Retire, go to bed.

Turning, n.

    1. Winding, bending course, flexure, meander.
    2. Deviation from the way.

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