Trimester to Trundle-bed

Trimester, n. Three months, quarter.

Trimmer, n. Time-server, time-pleaser, timist, Janus, weather-cock.

Trimmings, n. pl.

    1. Ornaments, trappings, dress, gear, trim.
    2. Relish, garnish.

Trinitarian, n. Tripersonalist.

Trinity, n.

    1. Triunity.
    2. [With The prefixed.] The Holy Trinity, the Godhead, Triune God.

Trinket, n.

    1. Toy, bawble, knick-knack, gewgaw, gimcrack, whim-wham, trifle, bagatelle.
    2. (Naut.) Top-sail, top-gallant sail.

Trinkets, n. pl. Jewels, jewelry, bijoutry, trifling ornaments.

Trinkgeld, n. Drink-money, pour-boire.

Trip, v. n.

    1. Skip, hop, step quickly, dance, foot it.
    2. Stumble, lose footing, make a false step, make a false movement.
    3. Fail, mistake, err, be at fault, come short, commit an offence, bungle, blunder.

Trip, v. a.

    1. Supplant, throw off the balance, trip up.
    2. Overthrow, cause to fail, supplant, upset.
    3. Detect, catch, convict.

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