Trave to Trim

Trave, n.

    1. Beam, traverse, lay of joists.
    2. Travis.

Travel, v. n.

    1. Walk, go on foot.
    2. Journey, ramble, rove, roam, take a journey, take a trip, make a tour, make an excursion.
    3. Pass, go, move, make progress.

Travel, v. a. Pass, go over, journey over.

Travel, n.

    1. Journeying, travelling.
    2. Journey, tour, excursion, trip, expedition.

Traveller, n. Wayfarer, voyager, itinerant, tourist, passenger, pilgrim.

Travelling, n. Journeying, travel, wandering, peregrination.

Travels, n. pl. Book of travels.

Traverse, ad. Athwart, crosswise, cross.

Traverse, a. Lying across, cross.

Traverse, v. a.

    1. Cross, lay athwart, thwart.
    2. Thwart, obstruct, cross in opposition, counteract, frustrate, defeat, contravene.
    3. Pass, travel over, wander over, cross in travelling, go across, pass through.
    4. Pass over and view, survey carefully, examine thoroughly.
    5. (Law.) Deny, plead “not guilty” to.

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