Traverse jury. Petit jury.

Travestied, a.

    1. Disguised.
    2. Parodied, burlesqued.

Travesty, v. a. Parody, imitate, take off, turn into burlesque.

Travesty, n. Parody, burlesque, caricature.

Trawl-net, n. [Written also Traul-net.] Dragnet, trail-net, trawl.

Tray, n.

    1. Small trough, wooden vessel.
    2. Waiter, salver.

Treacherous, a. Traitorous, perfidious, faithless, unfaithful, false, deceitful, insidious, disloyal, recreant, treasonable, betraying, untrustworthy.

Treachery, n. Perfidiousness, perfidy, faithlessness, double-dealing, foul play, infidelity, betrayal, treason, disloyalty, breach of faith, Punic faith, insidiousness, deceitfulness.

Treacle, n.

    1. (Med.) Theriaca.
    2. Syrup, sugar-house molasses.
    3. Molasses.

Tread, v. n.

    1. Set the foot.
    2. Walk, go.

Tread, v. a.

    1. Set the foot on, walk on, step on.
    2. Stamp upon, press down with the foot, beat with the foot.

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