To-do to Toto cœlo

To-do, n. (Colloq.) Ado, bustle, commotion, tumult, turmoil, confusion, stir, flurry, pother, noise, fuss.

Together, ad.

    1. Unitedly, in union, in company, in concert.
    2. Simultaneously, in the same time, contemporaneously.
    3. Hand in hand, side by side, cheek by jowl, arm in arm.
    4. Into junction, into union.
    5. In the same place.
    6. In concert.

Toil, v. n. Labor (hard), work, strive, drudge, moil, exert one’s self, take pains.

Toil, n.

    1. Labor (that fatigues), work, exertion, pains, effort, drudgery, hard work, travail.
    2. Snare, net, trap, springe, noose, gin.

Toiler, n. Drudge, laborer, hard worker.

Toilet, n.

    1. Dressing-table, toilet-table.
    2. Dress, attire, costume, mode of dressing.

Toilet-table, n. Toilet, dressing-table.

Toilsome, a. Laborious, fatiguing, wearisome, onerous, operose, tedious, hard, difficult, painful, severe.

Token, n.

    1. Mark, sign, indication, note, symbol, index, manifestation.
    2. Memorial (of friendship), souvenir.
    3. Ten quires (of paper).

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