Totter to Train up

Totter, v. n.

    1. Stagger, reel, vacillate, falter.
    2. Shake, tremble, oscillate, rock, threaten to fall, reel, lean, waver.

Tottle, v. n. (Colloq.) Toddle, totter, walk unsteadily (as a child).

Touch, v. a.

    1. Hit (lightly), strike against.
    2. Perceive by the sense of feeling.
    3. Meet, be contiguous to, abut on.
    4. Graze, come in contact with (in passing over).
    5. Reach, come to, arrive at, attain to.
    6. Delineate (lightly), sketch, mark out, touch off.
    7. Handle, feel, feel of.
    8. Handle, speak of, deal with, treat of slightly.
    9. Interfere with, meddle with.
    10. Concern, regard, relate to, refer to, pertain to, appertain to, belong to, affect, bear upon, have to do with.
    11. Affect, impress, strike, come home to, smite, stir.
    12. Affect, move, melt, work upon, soften, strike mentally.
    13. Make an impression on, act on, have an effect on.
    14. Strike, play on.
    15. Perform, play.

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