Tide-waiter to Toddy

Tide-waiter, n. Land-waiter.

Tidily, ad. Neatly.

Tidiness, n. Neatness

Tidings, n. pl. News (of special interest), intelligence, word, advice, information.

Tidy, a. Neat, orderly, trim.

Tie, v. a.

    1. Bind, fasten (with a cord or string), manacle, shackle, fetter.
    2. Knit, interlace, complicate, knot, entangle.
    3. Unite, join, connect, link, fasten, hold, bind, knit, lock, yoke.
    4. Oblige, constrain, restrain, confine.

Tie, n.

    1. Knot, fastening, band, ligature.
    2. Bond, obligation.
    3. Equal number (on both sides, as of votes).

Tie down.

    1. Fasten down.
    2. Restrain, confine, hinder from action, shackle, restrict, hamper.

Tier, n.

    1. Row, rank, series.
    2. [Written also Tire.] Pinafore.

Tiercel, Tiercelet, n. Goshawk, male hawk.

Tiers état. [Fr.] The commonalty (as distinguished from the nobility and clergy), third estate.

Tie up. Confine, restrain, hinder from motion.

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