Sweet-scented to Systematize

Sweet-scented, a. Fragrant, redolent, balmy, sweet-smelling, aromatic, spicy, perfumed.

Sweet-scented shrub. (Bot.) Carolina allspice (Calycanthus).

Sweet-smelling, a. See Sweet-scented.

Sweet-sounding, a. Melodious, harmonious, symphonious, tuneful, dulcet, musical.

Sweet-tempered, a. Amiable, kind, gentle, mild, equable.

Sweet-toned, a. Euphonious, euphonic, mellifluous.

Sweet-william, n. Bunch-pink, bearded-pink (Dianthus barbatus).

Sweet-willow, n. (Bot.) Dutch myrtle, sweet-gale, Scotch myrtle (Myrica gale).

Swell, v. n.

    1. Dilate, expand, tumefy, distend, fill out, intumesce, grow larger or bigger (by expansion).
    2. Increase (by outward addition), augment, enlarge.
    3. Rise (as waves), heave, surge.
    4. Belly, be inflated.
    5. Strut, look big, put on airs, be puffed up, swagger, ride a high horse, carry with a high hand.
    6. Be turgid or bombastic.
    7. Bulge, protuberate, swell out.
    8. Be puffed, be bloated, become irate.
    9. Glow, expand, warm, thrill, heave, throb, grow big.
    10. Be elated, rise into arrogance.
    11. Become larger, grow upon the view.

Swell, v. a.

    1. Dilate, expand, inflate, enlarge.

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