Stick at to Stool

Stick at. Hesitate about, doubt about, be puzzled by.

Stick by. Adhere to, be faithful to, be true to, stick to, be constant, be firm.

Stickiness, n. Adhesiveness, viscousness, glutinousness, tenacity, viscosity.

Stickle, v. n.

    1. Struggle (pertinaciously and on trifling grounds), contend, altercate, contest.
    2. Hesitate, waver, doubt, scruple, stick.
    3. Trim, shift, play fast and loose.

Stickle-back, n. Prickle-back, stickle-bag.

Stickler, n. Pertinacious person.

Stick out. Project, protrude, be prominent.

Stick sulphur. Cane brimstone, roll sulphur.

Stick to.

    1. Cleave to, be faithful to, adhere to, stick by.
    2. Persevere in.

Stick upon. Dwell upon, not forsake.

Sticky, a. Adhesive, glutinous, viscous, viscid, tenacious, gluey.

Stiff, a.

    1. Rigid, unbending, unyielding, inflexible, stark, subrigid.
    2. Firm, tenacious, thick, inspissated.
    3. Stubborn, obstinate, pertinacious, tenacious, strong.
    4. Rigorous, severe, strict, strait-laced, stringent, peremptory, absolute, positive, austere, dogmatic, uncompromising, inexorable.
    5. Formal, constrained, ceremonious, punctilious, prim, starch, stately, chilling, frigid, in buckram.
    6. Inelegant, cramped, harsh, crude, graceless, abrupt.

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