Revindicate to Ringlet

Revindicate, v. a. Reassert, support again, maintain once more, vindicate again, reclaim.

Revisal, n. Revision.

Revise, v. a.

    1. Review, re-examine, reconsider.
    2. Alter, amend, review.

Revise, n. Revision, re-examination, correction.

Revision, n. Review, revisal, revise, re-examination.

Revival, n.

    1. Resuscitation, revivification, reanimation, quickening.
    2. Reproduction, restoration.

Revive, v. a.

    1. Resuscitate, reanimate, revivify, revitalize, reinvigorate, reinspirit, bring to life again.
    2. Rouse, quicken, animate, refresh, renovate, reinspire, invigorate, cheer, recomfort, renew, recover.
    3. Reawake, recall, bring to mind.
    4. Recover, bring back, bring into use.

Revive, v. n.

    1. Be resuscitated or reanimated, return to life, recover life, live again.
    2. Be invigorated, refreshed, or roused, recover strength.

Revivification, n. Resuscitation, reanimation, revival, quickening.

Revivify, v. a. Reanimate, resuscitate, revive, bring to life again.

Revocation, n. Retraction, recall, recantation, reversal, repeal, abjuration.

Revoke, v. a. Recall (what has been said), recant, retract, repeal, reverse, annul, cancel, rescind, countermand, abrogate, abolish, make void.

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