Release to Rendition

Release, v. a.

    1. Liberate, unloose, free, loose, disengage, discharge, deliver, exempt, extricate, set free, set at liberty, let loose, let out.
    2. Quit, let go, give up, acquit, remit, discharge, relinquish.
    3. Free.

Release, n.

    1. Liberation, deliverance, discharge, freedom.
    2. Exemption, exoneration, excuse, dispensation, absolution.
    3. Acquittance, clearance, receipt in full.

Relegate, v. a.

    1. Transfer, remove, consign, remand, despatch.
    2. Banish, expatriate, exile, transport.

Relegation, n.

    1. Removal, transference, consignment.
    2. Banishment, exile, deportation, expatriation.

Relent, v. n. Soften (in temper), grow lenient or tender, abate severity or rigor, yield, relax, comply, feel compassion.

Relentless, a. Unrelenting, unpitying, unforgiving, implacable, inexorable, unappeasable, cruel, vindictive, rancorous, merciless, unmerciful, uncompassionate, pitiless, hard, unyielding, remorseless.

Relevant, a. Pertinent, applicable, fit, proper, apt, suitable, appropriate, apposite, to the purpose, to the point.

Reliability, n. [Modern.] Reliableness, trustworthiness.

Reliable, a. [Modern.] Trustworthy, trusty.

Reliableness, n. See Reliability.

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