Radicate to Rasores

Radicate, a. Deeply rooted, firmly established.

Radicle, Radicule, n. Rootlet.

Radix, n. [L.] Root, radical, etymon, primitive word.

Raff-merchant, Raft-merchant, n. [Local Eng.] Lumber-merchant.

Rag, n.

    1. Shred, tatter, fragment, bit, patch.
    2. [pl.] Mean attire, mean dress.

Ragamuffin, n. Tatterdemalion, mean fellow, wretch, paltry fellow.

Rag-baby, n. Moppet, mopsey.

Rage, n.

    1. Fury, frenzy, wrath, vehemence, excitement, passion, madness, raving, violent anger, furor.
    2. Extreme eagerness, vehement desire.
    3. Enthusiasm, rapture.
    4. (Colloq.) Fashion, vogue, mode.

Rage, v. n.

    1. Rave, storm, fume, fret, chafe, be violent, be furious.
    2. Ravage, prevail without restraint.

Ragged, a.

    1. Tattered, torn, rent.
    2. Dressed in rags, contemptible, shabby, poor, mean.
    3. Uneven, jagged, rough.
    4. Rough, rugged, shaggy.

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