Rasorial to Reasonably

Rasorial, a. Gallinaceous.

Rasp, n. Coarse file (the prominences in which are made by a punch and not by a chisel, as are those of the file, properly so called).

Rasp, v. a. Grate harshly upon, offend.

Rasure, n. Erasure, obliteration, scraping, shaving.

Rat, v. n. Desert one’s party (from interested motives), bolt.

Ratable, a.

    1. To be rated, estimated, reckoned, set at a certain value.
    2. Proportional, pro rata.
    3. Liable to taxation.

Ratably, ad. Proportionally, proportionably, proportionately, in proportion, by rate, pro rata.

Ratch, n.

    1. Ratchet.
    2. Ratchet-wheel.

Ratchet, n. Click, catch, detent, pawl, ratch.

Ratchet-wheel, n. (Mach) Ratchet.

Rate, n.

    1. Standard, fixed measure.
    2. Cost, price.
    3. Worth, value, valuation, estimate, rank, degree.
    4. Proportion, ratio, degree.
    5. Tax, assessment, impost, charge, duty.

Rate, v. a.

    1. Estimate, value, appraise, set a value on, compute, reckon.

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