Rabbi to Radically


Rabbi, Rabbin, n. Hebrew doctor, teacher, master.

Rabbit, n. Cony (Lepus cuniculus).

Rabble, n.

    1. Mob, rout, rabble-rout, tumultuous crowd of vulgar people; confused, disorderly crowd.
    2. Populace, commonalty, herd, dregs of the people, the common people, scum of society, lowest class of people, lower classes, the masses, riff-raff, swinish multitude, ignoble vulgar, vulgar herd, canaille.
    3. Rhapsody, incoherent discourse, medley.

Rabid, a.

    1. Furious, raging, mad.
    2. Rampant, intolerant, excessively enthusiastic.

Raca, n. [Heb.] Fool, beggar, worthless fellow.

Race, n.

    1. Generation, lineage, stock, breed, family, line, house, kindred.
    2. Tribe, family, clan, people, nation.
    3. Progeny, descendants, offspring, children, breed, lineage, issue, stock.
    4. Trial of speed.
    5. Chase, pursuit.
    6. Mill-race, head-race.
    7. Flavor, taste, strength, quality, smack (of wine).
    8. Root.

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