Prominent to Protest

Prominent, a.

    1. Protuberant, projecting, juting, relieved, embossed.
    2. Conspicuous, eminent, celebrated, distinguished, famous.
    3. Distinctly manifest, conspicuous, important, principal, main.

Promiscuous, a.

    1. Mixed, mingled, miscellaneous, indiscriminate, confused.
    2. Indiscriminate, common.

Promise, n.

    1. Word, engagement, assurance, pledge.
    2. Ground or basis of hope, earnest, pledge.
    3. Bestowal, fulfilment, grant of what is promised.

Promise, v. a.

    1. Pledge, engage, covenant.
    2. Give expectation of, excite a hope of, assure.
    3. Pledge, engage to bestow.

Promise, v. n. Engage, agree, stipulate, bargain, be sworn, pledge one’s self, plight one’s word, pass one’s word, give assurance, make an agreement, tie one’s self.

Promising, a. Encouraging, giving ground of hope.

Promissory note. Note of hand, promise to pay.

Promontory, n. Headland, foreland, high cape, jutland.

Promote, v. a.

    1. Forward, advance, further, encourage, help, assist, aid.
    2. Elevate, exalt, raise, prefer, dignify.

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