Protestation to Pun

Protestation, n.

    1. Declaration, asseveration, affirmation, averment, avowal.
    2. Declaration of dissent, protest.

Protoplast, n. Original, first individual of a species.

Prototype, n. Original, original pattern, model, type, exemplar, example, archetype, protoplast.

Protract, v. a.

    1. Prolong, continue, lengthen (in time), spin out.
    2. Lengthen, prolong (in space).
    3. Delay, put off, postpone, defer.

Protrude, v. a.

    1. Shoot out, thrust forward, push forth.
    2. Beetle, jut out, hang over.

Protrude, v. n. Project, jut, bulge, jut out, stand out.

Protrusion, n. Projection, protuberance.

Protuberance, n. Prominence, projection, swelling, bulge, process, excrescence, lump, elevation, bunch or knob.

Protuberant, a. Projecting, prominent, bulging, swelling.

Proud, a.

    1. Conceited, over-weening, self-satisfied, vain, contented, self-conscious, egotistical, assuming.
    2. Arrogant, haughty, imperious, supercilious, presumptuous, lordly, lofty, vain-glorious, boastful, high- spirited, high-strung.
    3. Grand, stately, noble, imposing, magnificent, splendid, ostentatious, lofty.

Prove, v. a.

    1. Demonstrate, show, manifest, confirm, establish, evidence, evince, substantiate, ascertain, justify, verify, make good.

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