Problematic to Prominence

Problematic, Problematical, a. Uncertain, doubtful, dubious, questionable, disputable, enigmatical, puzzling, unsettled.

Proboscis, n. Snout, trunk.

Procedure, n.

    1. Conduct, practice, course, process, management, operation, manner of proceeding.
    2. Act, transaction, deed, action, performance, proceeding, measure, step.

Proceed, v. n.

    1. Progress, advance, continue, go or pass on, move forward, make progress, get on, push on, go ahead, get ahead, make headway, get forward, get along, hold or keep one’s course.
    2. Arise, spring, come, issue, emanate, originate, flow, follow, result, ensue, accrue, come out, go forth, be derived, be caused, take rise, be owing, be due, be produced.
    3. Act, conduct one’s self, take steps, take measures, set to work, go about anything, act by method, promote a design.

Proceeding, n. Act, deed, transaction, action, measure, performance, step, procedure, course.

Proceeds, n. pl. Product, produce, effect, income, yield, receipts, returns, avails.

Process, n.

    1. Course, progress, advance, continued movement, train.
    2. Operation, procedure, proceeding, action, performance, step, transaction, measure, conduct, management, series of measures, mode of operation, course, continuous experiment.
    3. (Law.) Suit, trial, action, case.
    4. (Anat.) Projection, protuberance.

Procession, n. Train, retinue, cavalcade, march, file, cortége.

Proclaim, v. a.

    1. Announce, publish, declare, promulgate, advertise, trumpet, broach, cry, make known, blaze abroad, spread abroad, noise abroad, bruit, give notice of, make proclamation of.
    2. Outlaw (by public denunciation).

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