Porpoise to Practical

Porpoise, n.

    1. [Written also Porpess, Porpesse, Porpice, and Porpus.] Sea-hog.
    2. Monster, mammoth, behemoth, mountain, leviathan, Triton among the minnows.

Porridge, n. Broth, soup, pottage.

Porrigo, n. (Med.) Scald-head, ringworm of the scalp.

Porringer, n. Porridge dish.

Port, n.

    1. Harbor, haven, roadstead, anchorage.
    2. Entrance, passage-way, gate, door.
    3. Embrasure, port-hole.
    4. Larboard, left side.
    5. Demeanor, behavior, bearing, air, presence, mien, carriage, deportment, appearance.
    6. Port-wine.

Portable, a. Movable, light, handy, convenient, easily transported, manageable.

Portal, n. Gate, gateway, entrance, passage-way, door.

Porte, n. Turkish court, Sublime Porte, Ottoman government.

Porte-monnaie, n. [Fr.] Pocket-book, purse.

Portend, v. a. Presage, forebode, foretoken, betoken, foreshow, foreshadow, augur, prognosticate, threaten, indicate, bode.

Portent, n. Omen (of ill), presage, prognostic, augury, sign, warning.

Portentous, a.

    1. Ominous (of ill), premonitory, ill-boding, inauspicious, unpropitious.
    2. Monstrous, prodigious, wonderful, amazing, tremendous, stupendous, marvellous.

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