Pitch-black to Play off a person

Pitch-black, a. Black as pitch.

Pitch-dark, a. Dark as pitch, very dark.

Pitcher, n. Jug, jar, pot, ewer.

Pitch of an arch. Rise, versed sine.

Pitch upon. Pitch on, choose, select, decide on, determine on, fix upon, fix choice.

Pitchy, a. Dark, black, dismal, rayless, sunless, Cimmerian, piceous.

Pit-coal, n. Mineral coal.

Piteous, a.

    1. Sorrowful, mournful, woful, doleful, rueful, affecting, distressing, grievous, moving pity, exciting compassion.
    2. Pitiable, deplorable, wretched, miserable, deserving pity, to be pitied, lamentable.
    3. Compassionate, tender.

Pitfall, n. Trap, snare.

Pith, n.

    1. (Anat.) Marrow, spinal cord.
    2. Essence, quintessence, substance, gist, soul, chief part, essential part, vital part, heart, marrow.
    3. Weight, moment, importance.
    4. Force, strength, energy, vigor.
    5. Energy, cogency, force, vigor, closeness of thought.

Pithy, a.

    1. Forcible, energetic, cogent.
    2. Terse, laconic, brief, concise, short, compact, pointed, sententious, full of meaning.

Pitiable, a. Deplorable, wretched, lamentable, miserable, piteous, deserving pity, to be pitied.

Pitiful, a.

    1. Compassionate, tender, tenderhearted, sympathetic, kind, merciful, lenient, mild.

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