Play on to Pointed

Play on. Play upon.

    1. Mock, deride, delude, befool, trifle with, make sport of.
    2. Turn, quibble, give a fanciful turn to.

Play second fiddle. (Colloq.) Be subordinate, take a subordinate part.

Play the devil (or the deuce) with. (Colloq.) Impair, spoil, injure, hurt, damage, ruin, make bad work with.

Play the fool. Cut capers, cut didoes, act the buffoon, act like a fool, make a fool of one’s self, play tricks or pranks.

Plaything, n.

    1. Toy.
    2. Toy, bawble, trifle.

Play upon words. Punning, quibbling.

Play-writer, n. Dramatist, playwright, dramatic author, dramatic writer.

Plea, n.

    1. (Law.) Allegation.
    2. Suit, action, cause in court.
    3. Defence, excuse, apology, justification, vindication, argument, pleading.

Plead, v. n.

    1. (Law.) Make an allegation, carry on a suit.
    2. Reason, argue, offer reasons, use arguments.
    3. Apologize, offer apology or justification, make defence.

Plead, v. a.

    1. Allege, offer in excuse.
    2. Argue, discuss, defend, maintain by arguments.

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