Pelt to Peril

Pelt, n. Skin (of a beast with the hair on it), hide, raw hide, undressed hide.

Pelt, v. a.

    1. Strike (with something thrown), beat, batter, assail with missiles, belabor.
    2. Throw, cast, hurl.

Peltate, Peltated, a. (Bot.) Shield-shaped.

Pelting, n. Beating, battering.

Peltry, n. Pelts, hides, skins, raw hides.

Pen, v. a.

    1. Write, compose, indite, commit to paper, inscribe.
    2. Encage, coop, confine, enclose, impound, imprison, incarcerate, shut up, shut in, hem in, wall in, rail in.

Pen, n. Enclosure, pinfold, pound, sty, coop, penfold.

Penal, a. Punitive.

Penalty, n.

    1. Punishment, penal retribution.
    2. Forfeiture, fine, mulct, amercement.

Penance, n.

    1. Punishment, (self-inflicted or imposed by ecclesiastical authority), mortification, maceration, humiliation, penalty.

Penates, n. Household gods.

Penchant, n. [Fr.] Inclination, bent, propensity, proneness, proclivity, disposition, tendency, turn, leaning, predisposition, liking, fondness, predilection, taste, bias, propension.

Pencil, n.

    1. Brush (made of hair or fine bristles).
    2. Crayon.

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